Saturday, January 2, 2010

புதிய படம் avatar

பசுமையான காடுகளின் மேலே பறக்கும் போது துவங்குகிற படம் அவதாராக கதாநாயகன் கண் விழிக்கும் போது முடிவடைகிறது
நாமும் பண்டோரா சென்று வந்த உணர்வு .

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

we are indians we are like this only

Yesterday i was cribbing about the escalated bus fare by the TN govt buses on the deepavali day. I thought of going to the consumer court and complaining and all that. Now it is totally forgotten . The worries of yesterday have been taken over by fresh worries. That is why i say we are indians we are like this only.Worries apart yesterday night I watched Dargeeling express. Three brothers a dead father and a mother who has become sister. It was a story told with the european eye that degrades india and glorifies the western culture. in the western world there are only vultures and there is no culture. Not that I dislike western ideology, it is the way they think about other countries that i abhor.But this is the same way with north india towards south india and kerala towards tamilnadu and so on and so forth. Instead of the other side is always green here it is the other side is always yellow.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

a trip to the funeral

the day before deepawali will be a very busy day. But i had to go because my cousins funeral had been slated on that day. after a settlement at home i started by walking wthout taking my 2wheeler as i know finging a parking slot would be very difficult in mattuthaavanu bus terminal. walked upto konnavayanchalai the auto driver asked rs100 i said no and got into a share auto rs 5 upto goripalayam and took a bus from there for rs7. The bus terminal was overflowing cos everybody wanted to celebrate deepavali in their home. As i hopped into the bus the bus is crammed with people. Now comes the conducter announcing that the fare for Tuticorin is rs60 amd tiruchexdur os rs70. This is democracy , you cannot shout. i shelled out the seventy bucks.