Sunday, October 18, 2009

a trip to the funeral

the day before deepawali will be a very busy day. But i had to go because my cousins funeral had been slated on that day. after a settlement at home i started by walking wthout taking my 2wheeler as i know finging a parking slot would be very difficult in mattuthaavanu bus terminal. walked upto konnavayanchalai the auto driver asked rs100 i said no and got into a share auto rs 5 upto goripalayam and took a bus from there for rs7. The bus terminal was overflowing cos everybody wanted to celebrate deepavali in their home. As i hopped into the bus the bus is crammed with people. Now comes the conducter announcing that the fare for Tuticorin is rs60 amd tiruchexdur os rs70. This is democracy , you cannot shout. i shelled out the seventy bucks.

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